ASD (ASD) was established back in 1993 in the village of Waghal as a non for profit organization. It is registered as a society under the social Welfare Organization (Registration and Control) Ordinance 1961 and bearing registration number DDSW&WD/RWP/96/_0621.

Working in an energetic and influencing manner, ASDPAK has worked alone and as a team member with other reputed aid agencies in order to reactivate many depressed, underdeveloped, deprived and oppressed circles of the society. The aim is to rebuild in better ways like compensation and care, creating that strong impact from the grass root level.

Our focus is not limited to one problem, the ventures we have been working on vary in nature, such as educating people about the sustained usage of natural resources, raising voice for women that are victim of so-called Jirga law and honour killings, fighting factors that promote issues like discrimination based on sex, family support programs in rural areas where people usually lack in better understandings of all the associated benefits, creating job opportunities by educating people about small businesses, fighting against acid crime and rape, educating parents in rural areas about ways in which they can save their children from being exposed to drugs and child abuse.

To augment opportunities for income generation among women in poor communities, by strengthening their skills, business capacities and market linkages, thereby facilitating them in accessing better economic opportunities and improving their quality of life and that of their families.

ASD Structure


Impact With a strong presence of almost 23 years, ASD’s impact & presence is strongly felt in various parts of Pakistan, mainly in rural areas that lack in quality life & possesses backward family system.Get Involved The mission is not an easy one. ASD seeks your involvement & support to make the difference real. The efforts we make depend on donations made by you. Let’s start building a better world from today!