About us

ASD was established in the village Waghal, Kotli Sattian, Punjab in 1993 as a non-profit Organization. It has been registered as a society under social Welfare Organization (Registration & Control), Ordinance 1961. ASD has signed up its mission to activate the depress and underdeveloped circle of society in order to rebuild it from gross root level.


In this regard, ASD created an ambiance conditions at the local level to enable such social sections to revolutionize their lives with the just and sustained use of natural resources. ASD is working on various well-coordinated programs: establishment of organizations based on local people  and of discrimination based on sex  just and dexterous use and surveillance of natural resources; growth of promoting small businesses; practical investigation and bringing changes in the policies and ordinances.

Vision of ASD

ASD’s vision is to enable people in improving their self confidence by providing them with an environment locally that enables them to express their talent and are able to work individually or in groups for the betterment of society in fair and just passion. The aim is to enable them to fight for their rights, raise voice and use all the available and right resource to the best of their potentials.

Mission of ASD

Fair and just use of all the available resources without relying on others is the environment that ASD is working and it is our mission to help the awareness levels of people by educating them in different ways so that they can become independent in their approach. ASD believes in fair provisions of aid without being distracted by common barriers like race, religious beliefs, ethnicity, sex and financial situations of all those who may be in need of prompt response and help.