Disability Rehabiliation Program

ASD Disability Rehabiliation Program

Tracing back to the aftermath of Earthquake 2005 in AJ&K; a broader initiative was taken up by ASD to adopt community-based rehabilitation and integrated approach covering all aspects of social and economic life so that PWDs are mainstreamed into the normal course of living with reduction of biases and stereotypes which are normally witnessed against them.

As the program is based on a unique and novel concept never tested or piloted before; initial stages of it were about understanding inherent concepts of disabilities and thereby learning by practice and implementation be it at the level of ASD or other relevant stakeholders. However gradually coordination mechanism was strengthened and support was built from different stakeholders including Government line departments, local MLAs, President and secretary and members of civil societies.

The participation of different stakeholders in project events gave value addition to the project activities and also allowed the exchange of knowledge which built awareness regarding rights of PWDs amongst all. In this regard role of Media in propagating and highlighting the cause of PWD and thereby building and sensitizing knowledge among people across the entire AJ&K region was most prominent. Moreover, a substantive contribution that was derived from local implementation partners in the provision of training with regard to Enterprise development, Business Incubation, and Attendant ship furthered embellished objectives project aimed at achieving.

The success of the project lied in the model it managed to create in how PWDs can be integrated into different aspects of social and economic life. However this was only a pilot initiative and for further continuation and long-term sustainability of the initiative onus is up to Government bodies ‘ Local associations, and grass root network of LSOs/VOs/COs to take up steps and plan and enact towards up-scaling and progressing the created model because roots of community-based rehabilitation approach lies within lens of the beneficiaries or in people who are direct recipient.

DISABILITY PROJECT For Rehabilitation Of PWDs 


Previous, Ongoing and Future Activities:

  •  Disability Rehabiliation Program
  • IT Conference & International Day of the Blind 2017
  • Lecture on CHICKEN GONYEA
  •  Donation of Electronic Bed
  •  Two Days All Sindh Workshop of Disabled Youth 7-8 February 2015, Khairpur
  •  Distribution of free Wheelchairs
  •  Ensuring that people with disability are safe in the society
  •  Providing free meals to disabled people in the Waggal Village
  •  Arranging Funds for Hospital in Dhanda for People with various disabilities.
  •  Awareness Campaign against Polio Disease in the rural areas.
  • Visit to the Dream World by Disabled people in the community.