Organizational Structure

The Pinnacle is working under 8-member administrative body and seven members of action committee. Gender equality is its significant feature. If facilitates women’s participation in various projects. It ensures to formulate the programs of the Pinnacle and during the supervisory meetings the staff and participants both will directly consulting for the authenticity of its blueprint.

The organization has made a great advance as a welfare organization since its inception in 1993. It widened its actions under well-thought out plans. For this, its administrative capabilities have been in proved with the help of various steps including form action of teams, calling meetings to create awareness, importing training in for administrative and financial affairs, participatory amylase formatting, the methods of supervision and evaluation, and fermentation of system based on advertised iterative information.

Scope and Working Experience

PKF firmly believes that a bottom up approach is imperative for sustainable development unless and until the process of change starts at the grass root level. It cannot benefit the common man. Hence we start our work by organizing rural communities into groups and further by strengthening and building their capacity, consolidate them into independent CBOs. These people’s organizations have their own autonomous governing structures and functions under PKF network.

It can be divided into following categories:


Union council Waghal, consisting of two villages (Waghal and Chijjiana) has a total population of 12000. There are 12 primary schools for girls with no middle or high schools for them in the area. In accordance with the need of the area, pinnacle has established four high schools foe girls at Waghal, Dhanda, Chambba and Chijjiana, all will the name of Tameer-e-Seeret public school. Amongst these institutions, Tameer-e-Seeret High School, Waghal has founded with the cooperation of TVO will an amount of 205 million for which an area of four canals has provided by local administrative members. All these institutions are successfully running and they are likely to be upgrade to inter level. Computer technical education would be making possible. Pinnacle is making efforts for constructing its own building for the schools, such schools will also be opened in every village of Tehsil Murree and K. Sattian opening a technical college and a Kohs or University is our of the top most priorities of panels so as to enable the people to avoid migration for the sake of education.

Keeping in view the drawbacks of traditional religious institutions and enlightened PINNACLE Academy of Islamic sciences has been founded. For this, a canal tract has been acquired and a building consisting of three rooms has been constructed. Religious and worldly education including technical will be arranged here. Similar institutions and seminaries will also be ensured in other villages.

To promote the trend of education and public leaning towards books “Pinnacle library” will be introduced in all villages of the area.

Free education would be imparted to poor and orphans.


A small dispensary has been establishing at the village level, which provides medical facilities to the local population. LHWs were made to be appointed in health department and 100% immunization has been achieved through these LHWs. Health facilities will soon be made available in other deprived areas and medical awareness will also be increased and promoted in village to village.

Development Programs

Under VDP, various water supply schemes, water tanks have been instituted in village Waghal along with the construction of link roads. For the construction of big roads, the support of various institutions in being sought. Pinnacle seeks to extend such programs to Tehsil level.

Women and Family Welfare

Handicraft schools have been open in various works of the village to import skill in women. Women youth groups have formed will the cooperation of the department of local government and UNICEF. Self-employment schemes for skilled women are under consideration. The idea is to help women that are weaker in education but has the potential to learn quick skills and support their families financially with the help of those skills.

Support for Families

Our role is pretty much straightforward. We know that it is never going to be easy for parents to keep things in order and together while going through difficulties. Children of the family are the core victims of this misbalance and they may not find it easy to cope with such situations. Pinnacle family support workers are fully trained, experienced and committed to ensure that their efforts are fully in line with the needs of affected families. Our aim is to try and keep families together.

This assistance and guidance from our family support workers enable children and families to come out of the grey and depressing zones. Our team assess all the needs of a family that may be required, ensure relevant client education, make referral (if required as in most cases families that may be in need or facing crisis are usually clueless as in where to turn and who to get in touch with) and finally consultancy, this part is carried out in collaboration with our honourable partners who are blessed with teams of mental health, legal and social services professionals.

Poverty alleviation

It includes programs in livestock, agriculture, poultry farming, orchard, bee, and cultivation (honey-cultivation) mushroom-farming and other similar businesses.


Pinnacle introduced “Dung Gas Plant” in the area for environmental improvement. It also makes serious efforts to format orchardary. It formulated many programs to inculcate the sense of preservation of forest, and the importance of trees for environment. This crucial sense will be disseminated throughout the hilly region. Sanitation projects were introduced in all the girls’ primary school of Tehsil Kotli Sattian with the help of various departments. Implementation is underway and most of the schools are benefiting from the accruing facilities.

An “Agriculture Research centre” has been established under the supervision of the Pinnacle. The availability of nurseries of both flowering as well as other plants is ensured. Steps will also be taken to cultivate crops and vegetables in accordance with local climate and their promotion will be encored.