Sr. # Project/Campaign Names Year Funding Agencies
1 Flood Relief Activities 1994-1995 USAID & AJWS
2 Read (a project for homeless children) in associated with AKUF and Private Donors 1997-2000 UNICEF, EDHI and AKUF
3 Anti Vani Awareness Program, a local campaign 1996-1998 ASDwith local bodies
3 Grant in Aid Building construction 2000 NEF
4 Furniture purchasing 2002 Bait-ul-Maal
5 Expansion of Tameer-e-Seerat public school Waghal 2004-2005 TVO
6 Food And Shelter Program with our partners for the 2005 earthquake victims. 2006-2009 PKF, AF. AKUF, KARAVAN
7 Nallah To Parana Kheter Bilal Road (5km) 2007-2008 ASD and Local Govt/Council ABAD(SLBAP)
8 Supporting Families of Missing Persons (Balochistan & Sindh) 2008 – till date ASD raising voice with relatives of the missing person in collaboration with other NGOs like, AF and Karavan.
9 ASD Disability Rehabiliation Program 2005 – till date ASD together with Government and Non-Government bodies.
10 Izzat (A project for women) skill development programs with partners and donors 2006- till date An ongoing project of ASD funded with local charities.
11 A short campaign against acid crime 2009 PKG with local council of Kotli Sattian
12 Medical facilities during refugee crisis in 2009. 2009, 2010, 2011 ASD with Other local NGOs Raised funds for medical aid for the suffering and evacuated.
13 By Contractor 2011-2012 ABAD(SLBAP)
14 ‘Nijaat’ A program for homeless Women Affected with Domestic Violence 2013 – till date EDHI, ASD International and local council
15 Action Research Study Ongoing ILO
16 Skill Development camps for male and female of rural areas Ongoing Govt. of Punjab, Skill development council and PMC
17 Campaign in Karachi to raise awareness and voice against violence against the minorities of Pakistan 2016 – till date ASD following the footprints of Amnesty International
18 Advocacy Campaign on the rights of child 2016 ASD’s Short Awareness Program funded by Govt. of Punjab
19 Hope 2011- till date ASD, Govt of Punjab and AKUH.
20 Liberty 2009 till date ASD, EDHI and International & local council
21 Believe 2014 – 2017 ASD and local charities