Raise Your Voice

We at ASD are always ready to help all those who have special needs. In most cases the disability may be minor in nature however due to limited resources, parents, guardians and those who are responsible may start neglecting the situation and this may not help the cause. We strongly recommend that rather than showing neglect, you may get in touch with ASD team, our volunteers, doctors, nurses and trained members of staff will visit your location and provide all the necessary and required help. Following are the difference areas in which we can help you and save a precious life.

  • Personal Care
  •  Complex Health Support
  • Home Respite Care
  • Domestic Assistance
  • Meal Preparation
  • Gardening Assistance
  • Community Access
  • Support Coordination

Is service required by you not listed? Please call us and get in touch with our team agents. They will guide you further. Thank you.

It is never easy to do so, especially in a society that has many faces. Where you may be insecure, you may not want to even if you want to say the truth because you don’t want to give up on living. ASD for this very reason has initiated a program to give your say a voice. A voice that is brave, unshakable and does not stutter is what we offer.